Building works and renovations Estartit

Renovations and works estartit

Rehabilitation of apartments, decoration, improvements, air conditioning, aluminum enclosures, bathrooms, kitchen, ask for a budget without commitment

Inmoestartit all kinds of works and reforms.
Free budgets. Reforms and Constructions in the Costa Brava. Works carried out in L’Escala, in Pals, Begur, etc.
Ask for price and compare. You can save up to 40% in the construction or renovation of your home. Architect, technical team, geotechnical, bricklayer, structuralist, carpenter, we can all manage it or simply provide you with much cheaper budgets with a very good quality.
We have finished a building of 4 apartments and our clients have saved about 35% of what they had budgeted. Rustic stone houses, all kinds of installation, tiled bathrooms, kitchens, installations of TV antennas, parabolic, air conditioning, terraces, swimming pools, building license management, land, and all kinds of new construction and reforms at very affordable prices. We are now building a new building for a client.
The building is located in Estartit and is newly built. It has been saved from the first budget that had 35%. We take care of everything. Management of the work, budgets, building permits, inspections, insurance, plans, technicians. Pool, garden.
Ask for a budget without commitment and compare.
We can reform your apartment, bathroom, kitchen, windows, exterior enclosures at the best price and quality.
We are located in the Avenida de Grecia n. 45 from l’Estartit Costa Brava. inmoestartit

Losa hormigón
Estructura edificio
Escalera elicoidal
Baranda inox y escalera de marmol
Alicatados y remolineados
Alicatado baños y cocinas y decoracion. Poner rajola y remodelar
Baranda inoxidable escalera de caracol. Escalera elicoidal

We make all kinds of reforms, decoration or renovation of your home. Aluminum enclosures, pvc, energy efficiency. We are energy advisors. Installation of Aerothermal energy, photovoltaic solar panels, reduction or advice on your electricity bill, studying your rate, if it suits you time discrimination, increase or decrease of power, change of light company, etc.
We can change or eliminate natural gas by low or high temperature aerothermal energy. We can improve your energy efficiency in your home and you can save a lot on your consumption and your energy bill.
Air conditioning and air conditioning.
Awnings or canopies, gardens, artificial grass. All kinds of works and renovations and decoration. Wooden doors and windows, kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets. We can make your home from the beginning to the end or just a renovation.

Ask for a budget without commitment You can save up to 40%
Telephone (+34) 972751507

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