Covid-19 Spain August 2020

Latest News Covid-19 Coronavirus on the Costa Brava Spain 6th August 2020

playa estartit centro

In l’Estartit- Costa Brava Spain we do not have a case of coronavirus. Totally free. Let’s hope it continues like this.

L’Estartit is not a passing town. You have to go expressly. It has a beach more than 5 km long with its natural park. There is plenty of room for everyone. Hotel occupancy and tourist apartments, the last week of July, at the weekend is 55% and during the week at 25-30%. This means that there are no crowds anywhere. There is a place to park. Shops are open, restaurants are open, supermarkets, but the advantage is that there is no waiting or queuing.

Risk Map of Catalonia and L’Estartit updated at 05/08/2020
Testimonial of tourists at the Costa Brava

It is mandatory to wear a mask on the street and in the public locals, except on the beach and in the swimming pools and on the terraces and in the restaurants when you are consuming or eating.

L’Estartit is a family and diving destination. The families that visit Estartit is to be with family, friends. Also a good place for hiking or biking or scuba diving. Rent a boat or just rest.

La playa de l’Estartit en Julio 2020 . Hay espacio de sobras

French TV2 France 2 talks about the security situation on the Costa Brava with testimonies from tourists who claim that the Costa Brava is even safer than their home countries

France 2 talks about the Costa Brava and the Coronavirus

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